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 Please
write down your homework:
 Bring
all necessary materials to help you write your
rough draft
 Rough
draft due :November 25th
Agenda for November 11th
 Greece
Geography Notes
 Greek Government Notes
 Guided Reading
 Athens vs. Sparta Activity
Essential Questions
 How
did Solon reform Greece?
 What is the difference between a direct and an
indirect democracy?
 How did the climate affect daily life in Ancient
 Why did the Greeks establish colonies?
 What were Athens and Sparta?
Greece Geography Notes
 Peninsula
between the Aegean and Mediterranean
 Within sailing distance of the Fertile Crescent and
Egypt  promoted contacts for trade and ideas
Deep Harbors
 Supported
merchants and traders
 Exported wine, olive oil, and marble
 Imported grains and metals
 Cultural diffusion  evidence of Greek culture
and influence throughout the Mediterranean region
Mountainous Terrain
 Development
of city-states rather than a central
 Poor farmland  pushed people to colonize land
outside of Greece
 Greeks
established colonies on the shores of the
Mediterranean and Black Seas
 Greek colonies were established to ease overcrowding
in mainland Greece
 Dependence
on trade
Mild Climate
 Public
life outdoors, where people discussed issues
and news
Greece Government Notes
Types of Government
 Monarchy
 a king or monarch rules
 government ruled by a small group
of noble, land-owning families
 Aristocracy
Types of Government
 Democracy
 Rule by the people
 citizens elect representatives who rule
according to the people
 Direct  citizens rule directly and not through
 Indirect
 government is ruled by a few
powerful people
 Oligarchy
Greek Reformers - Draco
 621
B.C.E. - he wrote the first Greek legal code
 It dealt with contracts and property ownership
 The result was more conflicts between aristocrats
and the poor
Greek Reformers - Solon
 594
B.C.E. - he was chosen to lead the government
to stop civil war
 He outlawed slavery and ruled that all citizens can
participate in assembly
 Created beneficial economic reforms
 Neglected land reforms so the
fighting between classes continued
Guided Reading
 As
you read Section 1 & 2, please answer the
questions (parts A and B). When you finish, please
process/review your answers!
 One
at a time we will conference about your thesis
Athens vs. Sparta Activity
Athens vs. Sparta
 Clear
your desks of everything and remember that
this is an INDEPENDENT activity!
 Read through the chart and write a short response
on which city-state you would rather live in
 Based on what you might know about ancient
Athens and Sparta:
 if
you think you would have rather lived in Athens,
come to the window side of the room
 if you think you would have rather lived in Sparta, go
to the door side of the room.
Group Preparation
 As
a group create the following:
 Opening
statement about your city-state
 Each person creates arguments for why you should live
in your designated city-state
 Create arguments against the other city-state
 If
you are undecided… create arguments for both
Athens vs. Sparta
 Each
group will state their opening arguments
 Each topic will be discussed and rebutted
 If an argument is made that makes you change
your mind or question where you want to live, you
may switch sides or move to the middle
 You
may only move TWICE!