Name: Period 1. A problem should be stated as a ______________.

Chapter 2 topic questions: The Scientific Method
1. A problem should be stated as a ______________.
2. Which is a correctly stated problem statement?
a. Plants need water to live.
b. Is there a relationship between the height of a corn stalk and the amount of rain
that the plant receives?
3. Using a maximum of three words, define “hypotheisis.
4. (True/False) A theory can be established after one individual test.
5. (True/False) A theory can remain a theory after evidence has been found that does not
support it.
6. In an experiment, the thing that is being changed to see how this change affects
something else is called the ______________ variable.
7. The distance that a toy car rolls after being pushed with different amounts of force would
be the ______________ variable.
8. A person varies the amount of water two different plants receive, and records how fast
they grow. The person puts both plants in the same window. What is the constant in this
9. (True/False) One test is enough for the person conducting an experiment to confirm or
reject their hypothesis.
10. In which step of the scientific method do you compare your data to your hypothesis?
11. In which step do you accept or reject your conclusion?