– Cooperative Games Cognitive Assessment Grade 6 (6.4a, 6.4b, 6.4e, 6.4f)

Cognitive Assessment – Cooperative Games
Study Guide
Grade 6 (6.4a, 6.4b, 6.4e, 6.4f)
How can I be an active listener?
 Pay Attention. Give the speaker your undivided attention, and acknowledge the
 Show That You're Listening. Use your own body language and gestures to convey
your attention.
 Provide Feedback.
 Defer Judgment.
 Respond Appropriately.
How can I make a new student feel included and welcome?
 Learn the new student’s name
 Introduce yourself
 Share a story
 Give them a smile
 Welcome them into your group or team
 Listen to them
 Include them
 Ask for their opinion
 Appreciate their contributions
How can I assist someone who isn’t following or playing by the rules?
 Approaching them politely
 Show concern
 Ask if they understand the rules
 Gently explain the rules to them that what aren’t following properly
 Encourage honesty
 Help them achieve their goals
 Always try your best
 Tell them it’s ok to fail, it proves you are trying
How do you handle seeing someone’s feelings get hurt?
 Apologize to that person
 Empathize with them
 Tell them you understand
 Encourage them to smile
 Support them
 Let them know they have friends
 Tell them they are safe at school
 Have them visit the counselor or dean