A little tea for the start of your day

There seems to be quite a lot of things to he depressed about in this day and age. Frankly, a lot of
people go about looking like depression itself. Truth be told, sure enough, there's plenty to be
depressed about regardless of your age; ranging from familial responsibility like fending for your
family as a breadwinner, paying fees and earning enough to give your family a stable lifestyle,
getting a stable job, passing exams, graduating, peer pressure, social media bullying, even
marriage. The list goes on and on and on, there are even a dozen more mundane things that can
trigger depression in a person.
But here's the thing, in this day and age when the littlest of things could trigger one into
depression, and even suicide in worst case scenarios, everyone deserves to smile. We all should
find something to put a smile on our faces. To many, depression might seem like too serious a
matter that we think random smiles can do nothing to help the situation. Yeah, not to forget the
fact that we do have people who seem like the happiest and are suicidal. I'm not saying we should
pretend to be happy or try hard to find senses of humour. No, genuinely smile about something
and be glad because not matter how bad you've got it, someone, somewhere is doing a lot worse
than you could possibly imagine. We all deserve a reason to smile, and so, instead of worrying
your head and heart so much today about that problem you've got, I implore you to genuinely find
a reason to smile.
What seems like a mountain today tends to look like mole hills with time. Problems are inevitable.
In fact, they are our constant companion of our journey through life. A problem solved today, ten
more will arise tomorrow. So, why worry your head over something you simply can't do nothing
about especially when everyone else is got their fair share as well.
I hope we all find a reason to smile today and in the days to come. And I wish that we find our
little sunshine's and rainbows in the days to come. Remember, put a smile on that beautiful face.
Well, talking about a little sunshine, why don't we continue our morning with this beautiful song
from Johnny Drille.