Monday Memo

Monday Memo
Happy Labor Day! I hope everyone enjoyed their day off. After a successful
first week, we are excited to begin our second week of school. The students are
still learning the classroom routines and are adjusting to the structure of the day.
We will continue to work on routines, following school rules and our schedules.
This week we will also be discussing fire safety, as we prepare for
September’s fire drills. The students will be reading stories about fire safety,
discussing stop drop and roll, and practicing our exit route in the school. This
would be a perfect time to prepare at home as well!
This week we also have our first CBI of the year! We are getting together
with the 3-5 classroom and having a “meet and greet” with new friends on the big
playground. The students will have a chance to meet other peers in their school
and practice social skills while getting some exercise and fresh air! Let’s hope for
good weather on Friday!
Dreambox Math and Razkids are now up and running. The usernames and
passwords will be sent home this week, so please look for them in the folders.
Students will be using these programs throughout the week at school but if you
would like you’re child to have extra practice, they may do so at home as well.
The link are on my page under classroom links.
If you have any questions, please email me at [email protected]
Have a great week!
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