Name ___________ Block _____ Date _____ Practicing the Chief Roles

Name ___________
Block _____
Date _____
Practicing the Chief Roles
Directions: Write the key words or words that you should look for in each job of the
Chief of State: _________________________________________________
Chief Executive: _______________________________________________
Chief Diplomat: _______________________________________________
Chief of Party: ________________________________________________
Chief Citizen: _________________________________________________
Chief Legislator: _______________________________________________
Commander-in-Chief: __________________________________________
Name that Chief
Directions: Highlight the key words or words in each example. Then name each role of
the President.
1. ______________________The President met with the ambassador of Egypt
and the Prime Minster of England.
2. ______________________The President met with the Secretary of
Agriculture who gave him advice.
3. ______________________The President sent troops to North Korea to
make sure Americans were safe from potential
4. ______________________The President threw the ceremonial first pitch of
the baseball season at Nationals Park.
5. ______________________The President helped campaign for Terry
McAuliffe, a Democrat who is running for
Governor in the state of Virginia.
6. ______________________The President votes in all national, state, and
local elections to set a good example for all
7. ______________________The President asked Congress to make a new law
banning all cell phone use in moving vehicles.