Monday, October 5th, 2015 English 11A TODAY’S OBJECTIVES:

Monday, October 5th, 2015
English 11A
Students will examine how the author’s purpose affects
his/her use of language and choice of form (MCPS 3.4.2)
1. Complete grammar warmup #21 (sentence fragments).
2. In six groups, read excerpts from Invisible Man by
Ralph Ellison. Using jigsaw strategy, break into expert
groups to read your assigned portion silently or aloud and
then answer study questions.
3. Retreat back into original groups to explain what happened in
your part of the story. Read the remainder of the chapter as a
class. As a group, determine what this story says about
the conscience of white society during this post-Civil
War period in the South. Write conclusion on study
questions and turn in.
Finally, write interior monologue from the viewpoint of the
dancer or one of the white people in the audience. Try to
imagine how he/she looks at the world and wonder
what life experiences made him/her the person they
are…please note that you don’t necessarily have to
approve of their behavior. Turn in by end of period.