Tuesday, October 6th, 2015 English 11A TODAY’S OBJECTIVES:

Tuesday, October 6th, 2015
English 11A
Students will examine how the author’s purpose affects
his/her use of language and choice of form (MCPS 3.4.2)
Write interior monologue from the viewpoint of the dancer or
one of the white people in the audience. Try to imagine how
he/she looks at the world and wonder what life
experiences made him/her the person they are…please
note that you don’t necessarily have to approve of their
behavior. Needs to be at least ½ - 1 page. Turn in by
end of period.
2. Introduce Ernest Gaines’ A Lesson before Dying:
Hand out texts and reading schedules/journal assignment
Go over weekly quiz schedules – open notes only
As you read, keep a running sheet of notes and include the
following items (you can use these notes in your weekly quizzes):
Additional characters
Setting/change in setting
Plot/major events
Questions/inconsistencies (with page number)
to be asked on the day that reading is due
Read first chapter together; discuss and take notes on the
following: Setting Characters
Select one word from A Lesson before Dying vocabulary
handout. Using a dictionary and/or thesaurus, define the word,
its synonyms and antonym, part(s) of speech, and use in
sentence. Teach this word and its proper usage to rest of class.
Any rewrites of “Stereotypes” Essay are due no later than
end of school day this Friday, 10/9. DO NOT DELETE
teacher comments.