Summer Reading Project Assessment “BOOK” PROJECT

Summer Reading Project Assessment
The project for the 2015-2016 Summer Reading text is to create a “book” that conveys the main
ideas, includes important quotes from the text with explanations of relevance, identifies
professional critics of the text, creates a visual interpretation of the material, develops and
original thematic statement, and includes and an original book review of the text. Have fun with
this assignment, and try NOT to procrastinate. A hastily done project will NOT reflect your
understanding or creativity. The instructions are as follows:
1. The outside serves as the book jacket for the novel. Choose colors, designs, lettering, and
symbols that are “appropriate” for the text you chose and helps to convey the main ideas
within the text. Cover the “book” with paper, fabric, textured materials, natural materials,
etc. that in some way reflect the novel. The lid must include the novel title, author name,
and original publication date.
2. On the outside, left side of the “book,” create a thematic statement that conveys the
universal theme for the text. A thematic statement is a one-sentence explanation as to the
“point” of the book.
Additionally, students will need to include an explanation of the front cover as to WHY the
information/visuals provided help to explain the main ideas covered within the text
3. On the inside, right side of the “book,” students will look for five (5)
importance/influential quotes from the text they found important or inspirational and
will include an explanation of their importance to the reader.
Additionally, this section will also include three (3) quotes from reviewers about the text.
These quotes can be found by conducting and Internet search and must include the
original publication in which the quotes can be found.
4. The backside of the “book” will include your personal review of the text. This review will
include all the elements of a good book review covered in class and should include proper
grammar and varied sentence structure. This review should paint a clear picture of your
opinion of the book.
ALL criteria for the “book” must be complete and EXEMPLARY! Remember folks! Appearance
is helpful, but content is what earns the grade you desire!
SOME time will be allotted in class to draft/develop the project prior to its completion. You will
also be able to discuss with fellow class members as well as see project example pieces.
Each of you will present your “book” to members of the class to demonstrate your understanding
of the project and the summer reading selection.
Due Date: _____________________________________________________________________________________________