PF Ch17 Study Guide

PF Ch17 Study Guide
1.Seventy-five percent of new business ventures are funded by _______________________________.
2.Money used to expand a business comes out of _______________________________.
3.What is the highest percentage of market value a home equity loan will provide? _______________________________.
4.A home equity loan is an example of _______________________________.
5.For unexpected costs, businesses often use _______________________________.
6.Comments from creditors are helpful to a bank when assessing a would-be borrower’s _______________________________.
7.Less paperwork and a shorter response time are the advantages of applying for a loan through the
8.A disadvantage of funding a business with business credit cards is _______________________________.
9.Which source of funding expects to have a major voice in a business’s decisions? _______________________________.
10.Which entrepreneur went bankrupt with Laugh-O-Gram Corporation but later accomplished great things?
11.borrowing money from a bank to finance a new or ongoing business _______________________________.
12.a private investment firm that works with the Small Business Administration to provide longer-term funding for small businesses
13.the ongoing expense that a person expects to have operating a business _______________________________.
14.the costs of setting up a business _______________________________.
15.a loan that does not require collateral from the borrower _______________________________. arrangement in which bank customers can borrow a certain amount of money from the bank immediately
17.a loan based on the difference between the current market value of a home and the amount still owed on the mortgage
_______________________________. independent agency of the federal government that guarantees commercial loans offers assistance to people who are starting
small businesses and to those who want to expand existing businesses _______________________________.
19.a company that provides private funding for small businesses that need a substantial amount of immediate cash
_______________________________. borrowed from friends and family_______________________________.