We aren't 16 anymore
News stories don’t always resonate well
Prominent “Support Us” buttons are a turn-off
Pictures of athletics are a draw; other photos
Huge difference between 16 and 19
Teens see clear calls to action on consumer sites and
expect this on all web sites.
• How teens use the web:
They don’t want to read
They don't like clutter
They make snap incorrect judgments
They assume they are the intended audience for everything on
the page
Get With the Program: Academic
Department Websites
“Program pages have huge potential for appealing to high ability
Demonstrate value
60-80 percent of students change major
Call to Action on every page
Course sequences are very important
Provide access to next steps
U of Chicago Programs of Study pages
U of Nevada – Reno
North Park University
Professional development
• Own up weaknesses
• Give the kind of feedback you want
• Track where you spend your time: desktime.com,
• Use keyboard shortcuts:
• Don’t use email as a project management system
• Block off days of the week (no meeting Monday,
fix it Friday)
Words of wisdom from 100 tech savvy
• “Your brand is what other people say about you
when you're not in the room” - Jeff Bezos
• Incorporate students. Ask their opinion.
• Information shouldn't live in an inbox, it should
be on the web or archived
• Teens:
– Tackle 6-7 tasks simultaneously
– 73% have a phone
– Like texting, 40 times more likely to signup for
something via text than email
– Don't use email
Poster Sessions
Cindy: Digital Badges Pilot: Filling a
Gap for Experiential Learning
Alex: Learning how students think: a
redesign of our advising website