Meeting Notes
August 7, 2015
1:30 – 3:00 pm
FAC 228D
Building Access Control System – Approach (William Green)
William Green presented the BACS operations manual endorsement. The manual
codifies how building access systems are managed and supported at UT. A task force
was formed to see the development of this manual.
Key points include:
 Security standards, requirements and oversight are defined for different
types of spaces
Campus Safety is the owner and ultimate decider for BACS services
Governance is through BSC and Campus Safety and Security Committee
ITS is responsible for operations, in consultation with applicable University
Operations units as noted
Units have responsibilities for operations of delegated components
BACS is supported primary through fees:
o Units requiring security fund that security
o External door support, not installation, is provided as a Common Good
o False alarm fees are instituted to ensure proper usage
Financial impact: new construction/renovation must adhere to new
classifications, or as required by authority (e.g. Audit, EH&S, ISO)
Q. Fee for the false alarms? Is it outlined clearly in the manual for the elevation of
the communication of the fees?
A. We will contact the building manager (BACS administrator) and make sure that
it’s the responsibility of the unit. Also, we have records of who own the point of
access for the alarm so we know who triggers it. There will be two points of
communication to the unit.
Q. Is TAAC looped in?
A. Yes, but I’m not sure if Dan is aware of what is going on.
Q. Financial impact?
A. Like new remodeling of spaces will have to follow this manual and put in security
system in place to make sure that it is up to security.
Q. Where do the false alarm fees go?
A. They go to UTPD. And there will be an appeal committee for those who want to
appeal. The fee is outlined in manual. This is an effort to try to get university to use
resources more efficiently.
Unanimously endorsed.
ServiceNow – Overview (Susan Roy, Sandra Germenis, Karen Villarreal)
Susan Roy, Sandra Germenis, and Karen Villarreal gave an overview of the
ServiceNow project that is formally rolling out next month. ServiceNow is an
enabler for modernization efforts will complement efforts around campus such as
Workday and Looking Glass. It can provide a method to search knowledge, request
services, report incidents, and manage the underlying workflow to approve, fulfill
and fix.
Q. Is it a web application or is it people doing it?
A. It is both. It depends on what the workflow looks like. In the example of hiring a
person, WorkDay will contact ServiceNow to initiate the hire. ServiceNow can
automate workflow.
Q. Is this only for internal use?
A. No.
Q. Do other university have students that use it too?
A. Absolutely, yes. They have rolled out a student platform that is unique to a
Q. Will this be integrated in the Looking Glass portal?
A. It will work very well with it.
Q. Are we able to create our workflows?
A. ServiceNow comes with prebuild workflows but we also have the capabilities to
create our own workflows. We have a consultant to help with that.
Q. Who is on your committee?
A. AMSP, ITS, AITS, HR, Facilities, OSP, Financial, etc.
The core configuration will be done by October. All projects will be done in 24months. The schedules are set and ServiceNow is already on campus. Some projects
don’t have start dates yet because we do not want to overload services. We are
coordinating with ASMP to make sure that we can better plan what the next steps
are without stopping their efforts. We are trying to do a lot of outreach to let people
know that we’re here. A lot of our previous efforts have been devoted to taking in
calls from other units and it takes away from business processes. It will streamline
It’s difficult to understand that there is a two-year waiting period to get these
WorkDay and ServiceNow Coordination – Discussion (Mary Knight)
Mary Knight discussed the WorkDay and ServiceNow coordination. She mentioned
that it very important that all of the projects that are being implemented on campus
are working together and communicating with each other. Communicating that
there is coordination between these efforts is important. Would like to hear updates
from ServiceNow every two weeks.