Customer Service Management Datasheet

Data Sheet
Customer Service Management
• Improve
Customer loyalty
with reduced case volume
from solving root causes of
customer issues.
Smarter Customer Interaction
through intelligent case
management and omni-channel
customer engagement.
Comprehensive Case
Resolution through integrated
field service, knowledge
management, product
improvements, and process
Automated self-service
through pre-configured
catalog requests.
Proactive Operations
anticipating and responding
to KPI trends and the voice
of the customer.
The Challenge
With the convergence of products and services, customer expectations are even higher
today. Traditional customer support tools focus on responding to customer issues quickly.
But a response is not enough. Businesses need a way to identify and address the root
cause of customer issues before the customer even notices. They need to align the right
parts of the business—operations, engineering, and other teams—to deliver resolution
and raise the bar for customer satisfaction.
ServiceNow Solution
Built for the digitally connected service economy, ServiceNow® Customer Service
Management (CSM) is an omni-channel customer service solution that applies service
management principles to reduce case volume and increase customer loyalty. CSM uses
structured processes to identify and fix the root cause of customer issues. It connects
customer service to engineering, operations, and appropriate teams on the same
platform. This approach helps identify issues faster, increase resolution, and improve
product and service quality.
CSM provides enhanced case management capabilities and helps manage complex
customer relationships. With access to the real-time operational health of the customer
install base, customer service agents can easily correlate multiple cases to the same
underlying problem.
Once a problem is identified, CSM applies a structured approach to either fix the product
or process, or deliver integrated field service—bringing in other parts of the business to
drive a permanent resolution. This approach resolves the root cause of customer issues
and increases service quality. Repetitive requests are automated and published as
self-service actions on customer portals to further reduce case volume. Service leaders
can also start proactively addressing KPI trends through advanced analytics.
Customer self-service portal with Social Knowledge
ServiceNow Customer Service Management
Engage Customer Across Channels
Connect to customers in their channel of
choice with omni-channel engagement.
Empower Customer Self-Service
Enable self-service for customers through
portals with integrated knowledge base
and social Q&A.
Route Cases Effectively
Create sophisticated rules to assign
cases to the best agent based on skill,
geography, availability, workload,
and priority.
Derive Customer Intelligence
Get a detailed customer view on the
service level agreements, service
contracts, assets covered, entitlements
associated with every asset to drive
smarter interactions.
Meet Service Commitments
Create service level agreements, service
contracts, and entitlements to ensure the
right level of service.
Collaborate in Real Time
Connect and collaborate with fellow
agents and experts in other teams to
resolve cases faster.
Data Sheet
Get Service Transparency
Provide agents and customers with
complete transparency into the entire
case resolution process.
Automate Repetition
Drive efficiencies by automating repetitive
tasks and exposing them as self-service
Delegate Administration
Free your customers to manage their
own users, assets, and account
information via self-service administration.
Anticipate Trends
Leverage dashboards and analytics to
anticipate trends and drive real-time
Drive Proactive Communications
Create and schedule rich html publications
to targeted list of customers through email
and portal.
Listen to the Voice of the Customer
Act on insights provided by customer
satisfaction surveys.
Provide Agent Alerts
Configure rule-based special handling
instructions to alert agents on customer
Visualize Install Base
Visualize the operational health of your
install base in real time to pinpoint
underlying problems.
Ensure Availability
Drive High Service Availability and scale
for peak volumes through a robust SaaS
platform with 99.995% uptime.
Go Mobile
Leverage mobile for anytime, anywhere
customer service.
Orchestrate Resolution
Solve problems permanently through
integrated field service, knowledge
sharing, product improvements, and
process changes.
Agent case management with customer and service intelligence
Service manager analytics with real-time KPI trends
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