Bridging the Age Gap in Breast Cancer:

Hospital/Institution headed paper
Bridging the Age Gap in Breast Cancer:
Improving outcomes for older women.
for agreeing to take part in this research study.
We hope that as a result of the help and support we receive from
people like you, this research will help to improve the care and
treatment for other older women with breast cancer in the future.
We realise that taking part in a research study can seem quite
daunting and may involve your clinic visits taking a little longer.
Your patience and commitment are very much appreciated and we
will do everything we can to make this a pleasant experience.
If you have agreed to fill in some questionnaires for us, these may
take up some of your time and some of the questions may not
seem relevant to you. But they are very important to the study and
will help us improve our care of women with breast cancer. We will
help you as much as possible and if at any time you feel you don’t
want to continue, just let us know: You can stop at anytime.
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Thank You Letter,
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20 th October 2012