iSpheres Project

iSpheres Project
iSpheres Project
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iSpheres Project
“ISpheres provide a distributed interoperable
solution to serving a range of data - from
images, sound, video and text to databases
and GIS datasets.”
iSpheres Project
• “Any ISphere can search and retrieve data from
any other ISphere (subject to authorisation) and
present the results in an integrated list of
resources, as well as serving data on-demand
to client applications. Communication with an
iSphere is through SOAP/XML. “
• SORRT Development test bed
• Sustainable Object Repositories for Research and
• Collaboration between:
• Archeological Computing Labs
• CIPHE – Center for Innovation in Professional
Health Education
• Funded by
• APSR – Australian Partnership for Sustainable
iSpheres Project
• Project work is maintained through which provides:
• Code and solutions available for download
• CVS for version control iSpheres is an open source
• Current versions of the software
• iSpheresCore 0.1
• iSpheresImage 0.1.2
iSpheres Project
• Funding by APSR
• OS independent solution comprising of 3
• iSpheresCore written in Java
• JDBC, XML, xBase database environments
• Web Client written in PHP (iSpheresPHPClient)
• (connectivity between Web interface and iSpheresCore
• iSpheresImage written in PHP
• MySQL, XML, iSphereCore database environments
iSpheresCore - Overview
• Middleware solution which is able to
• Transform multiple object types, images, movies,
audio, and complex metadata
• Act as a backend for multiple front ends
• Perform distributed searches
• Plug into multiple databases and data stores such
as DSpace
• Provides connectivity to collections of objects
and data for front ends like iSpheresImage.
iSpheresCore - Development
• Currently:
• Distributed search
• Image Transformations
• MySQL Connectivity
• Development Priorities:
• Authentication of collections to protect the content
• Looking to work with MAMS (Meta Access Management
System) Shibboleth software.
• Connector to DSpace which will point to collections
within DSpace
iSphereCore - Projects
• Projects implementing iSpheresCore include:
• Wilson Museum
• Collection of anatomy specimen images
• Oliver version 2 (veterinary science Image Bank)
• Provide a backend to an e-Learning management tool.
• Pathology Museum
• Slide collection containing microscopic images of cells.
• Each iSphereImage project will have an
iSpheresCore setup
iSpheresImage Overview
• Web Application utilising
• PHP and MySQL
• Provides end users a facility to
• Manage large collections of Images and associated
• Manipulate and use images without affecting the
source image.
iSpheresImage - Overview
• Provides administers with the ability to
• Control accessibility
• Manage metadata
• Manage copyright and ownership control
iSpheresImage - Development
• Current features include:
Bulk import of images
Bulk import and update of metadata
Presentations created on the fly in HTML and Flash
GoogleMap linking images to location.
• Demo: ACL - Archimage
ISpheresImage - Development
• Recent improvements (still in beta)
• Added new functions
• Automated file updating, record duplication, and
added sorting options.
• Improved accessibility
iSphereImage - Development
• iSpheresCore Connectivity
• Merging in the existing PHP Client
• Improved usability
• enhancing workflow through feedback
• Increase ease of customization
• Continue to incorporate functions into the main
stream from client requests
iSphereImage Projects
• Archeology Computing Lab
• Active and maintained
• Image Bank - Faculty of Architecture
• Final Stages
• Ebot - School of Biological Sciences, Faculty of
• Due February 2006
• Wilson Museum (anatomy museum)
• Rolling out with iSpheresCore
• Pathology Museum
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