BA 229 – Personal Finance Spring 2015

BA 229 – Personal Finance
Spring 2015
Judy Beebe
West House, Room 102
Office Hours: 12:15 to 1:45 Monday and Wednesday or by appointment
Personal & Family Finance Workbook, 6th Edition; Israelsen & Weagley;
ISBN 978-1-4652-+4377-5.
This course is designed to study the role of the consumer in American society, consumer
decision-making, consumer credit and borrowing, home ownership, investment decisions, and taxes for
Homework (15 @ 5)
Cases (3 @ 15)
Tests (2 @ 100)
75 points
45 points
200 points
Total Required Points
320 points
Term grades will be computed on a percentage basis: A = 90%, B = 80%, C = 70%, D = 60%. Plus and
minus grades will be given when total points are within 2% of the break-off between letter grades.
Incompletes will only be available if you have completed the mid-term and have a passing grade at the
time of the request. Extra Credit is not available.
Homework assignments for each section of the Workbook are each worth 5 points. The best
fifteen (15) of the eighteen (18) assignments turned in will be used to assess your grade. Some of the
homework problems are found in the book; others are found on Moodle. Late assignments will not be
given half credit.
BA 229
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The cases which can be found on Moodle (worth 15 points each) are intended to be a
comprehensive review of the material in that chapter. These will be evaluated based on clear, sufficient
answers to the questions. While points will not be assigned specifically to presentation, excess
grammatical errors may indicate lack of sincere effort and result in a lower score. Late assignments
will not be given half credit.
There will be two tests during the quarter. You will be allowed to use a page of handwritten
notes (8 ½ x 11, both sides) for both exams. Exams are worth 100 points each. No make-up exams will
be given for unexcused absences. If you must miss an exam, you must contact the instructor before the
exam is given to obtain permission to sit for the makeup exam. Failure to do this will result in a score
of zero for the missed exam.
This is an interactive class. Much of your learning will occur during class discussions and
exercises, so it is important to come to class with advance preparation (reading and assignments).
Contributions to class also include asking questions, suggesting reasonable alternatives, being willing to
try new ideas and working effectively with your classmates. Attendance should be considered
Class lecture presentations, some homework, cases, in-class activities, and test reviews are
available on Moodle. Links to relevant sites are available on my website (
The Division of Business and Economics adopted the Academic Dishonesty Policy (found linked
on the Division website). Students are expected to read the policy and bring any questions or concerns
to the attention of the instructor within the first week of class. This policy will be in effect and enforced
without exception for this class.
To do well in this course, you must commit to becoming an “active learner” at each class
session. This requires that you come to class regularly and be well prepared to discuss assigned readings
and individual homework assignments. You must actively contribute to group and class discussions of
assigned materials. A strong effort will provide you with a solid foundation of knowledge for taking the
examinations. Attendance should be considered mandatory.
Students may benefit from assistance offered through the Tutoring Center (APSC 401), including
tutoring services and help with study and exam skills, and the Writing Center (APSC 301).
Any student who believes that she or he may need an accommodation for any type of disability
should contact the Office of Disability Services (838-8250v/tty) in APSC 405.
If the instructor determines your performance in this class is placing you at academic risk, you may be
referred to Jess Poole, Western’s Student Success Specialist. Jesse will offer to work with you to address issues
and develop a student success strategy. Regardless of whether a referral has or has not been made, you are
ultimately responsible for tracking your own progress in this course. If you would like to meet with Jesse
regarding any academic struggles you are experiencing, please contact the Academic Advising and Learning
Center at 503-838-8428.