ENT 320 – Entrepreneurial Finance Fall 2014


ENT 320 – Entrepreneurial Finance

Fall 2014


Office: West House, Room 102

503-838-8799 beebej@wou.edu


Office Hours: 10:30 to 12:00 Monday and Wednesday or by appointment

TEXTBOOK: Various readings accessed on-line through the schedule


BA 211 or equivalent

BA 315


This course is designed as an introduction to the tools entrepreneurs use to manage scarce resources in a new venture. Included in this course are bootstrapping techniques and funding strategies of both debt and equity. Students will learn applied approaches to current asset and liability management, risk management, and managing cash flow. The course is not intended to equip students with all necessary skills needed to begin and operate a business, but should provide sufficient background and awareness to allow further development in these areas.


Discussion Questions (3 @ 5)

Homework (6 @ 10)

Final Essay Questions

15 points

60 points

30 points

Total Points 105 points

Term grades will be computed on a percentage basis: A = 90%, B = 80%, C = 70%, D = 60%.

Plus and minus grades will be given when total points are within 2% of the break-off between letter grades.


You will be participating in an on-line class which means there is no face-to-face instruction.

You are responsible for proactively reading all the materials, asking questions when you do not understand something, and completing and submitting all work in a timely fashion. Late assignments will not be accepted. All work is to be submitted through Moodle.

ENT 320

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There will be three (3) discussion questions throughout the term, each worth five (5) points.

Please read the Discussion Questions Overview for an explanation of the expectations regarding your responses.


Homework must be typed, double-spaced.

These will be evaluated based on clear, sufficient answers to the questions (approximately one paragraph per question). While points will not be assigned specifically to presentation, excess grammatical and spelling errors may indicate lack of sincere effort and result in a lower score. Exercises should be completed neatly. Each homework is worth 10 points. Late assignments will not be accepted.


Final essay questions will be due by June 6. You will be given a selection of questions, and will be required to respond to three of those questions. The responses are to be typed, doublespaced (approximately one to two pages for each question) and will be evaluated based on clear, complete answers to the questions. All work is to be completed individually. A score of zero

(0) will be given if there is any plagiarism or copying. All quotations should be properly footnoted. While points will not be assigned specifically to presentation, excess grammatical and spelling errors may indicate lack of sincere effort and will result in a lower score.

Late submittals will not be accepted.


The Division of Business and Economics adopted the Academic Dishonesty Policy (found linked on my website as well as on the Division website) in August 2009. Students are expected to read the policy and bring any questions or concerns to the attention of the instructor within the first week of class. This policy will be in effect and enforced without exception for this class.


To do well in this course, you must commit to becoming an “active learner” throughout the term.

This requires that you actively participate in discussion questions and individual homework assignments. A strong effort will provide you with a solid foundation of knowledge for taking the examinations.

Students may benefit from assistance offered through the Tutoring Center (APSC 401), including tutoring services and help with study and exam skills, and the Writing Center (APSC 301).

Any student who believes that she or he may need an accommodation for any type of disability should contact the Office of Disability Services (838-8250v/tty) in APSC 405.

If the instructor determines your performance in this class is placing you at academic risk, you may be referred to Jesse Poole, Western’s Student Success Specialist. Jesse will offer to work with you to address issues and develop a student success strategy. Regardless of whether a referral has or has not been made, you are ultimately responsible for tracking your own progress in this course. If you would like to meet with Jesse regarding any academic struggles you are experiencing, please contact the Academic Advising and Learning Center at 503-838-8428