Dear Parents,

Dear Parents,
Now that we have begun a new book and theme this month
I am giving you a list of additional books that you can
read at home with your child. Reading at home with
your child is a great way to build a life long love of
reading! You can also discuss ideas of the story and
new vocabulary with your child. This allows you to
help your child build comprehension skills and it is a
great way to develop language skills as well. Not to
mention it is fun! All of the books on this list
should be available at your local library!
Happy reading!! If you have any questions, please
don’t hesitate to contact me!
Miss Carolyn 
* Additional Space Books *
Our Book This Month: Zoom, Zoom, Zoom! I’m Off
to the Moon! by: Dan Yaccarino.
Roaring Rockets
(Amazing Machines) by:
Tony Mitton and
I Want to be an
Astronaut by Byron
Curious George and
the Rocket by H. A.
Dogs in Space by Nancy
Bugger Goes to Outer
Space by Martina
Little Rockets
Special Star by
Julie Skyes and Jack