UC Idol

UC Idol
Leadership Application
This application is for the leadership level involvement option,
in the role of an Ambassador (Generalist or Specialist).
Send this completed application and your CV/resume to ucalgaryidol@gmail.com.
UC Idol Organizational Structure
 Management: Event Directors, Advisors
 Team Leadership: Admin Lead, Recruitment Lead, Tech Lead, Publicity Lead
 Leadership: Ambassador (Generalist), Ambassador (Specialist)
Selection of candidates for this role favour individuals who display these characteristics:
 Professionalism
 Inclusiveness
 Enthusiasm and Efficiency
 Honesty
 Attention to detail
 Efficiency in email responses
 Flexibility and availability
 Passion for involvement
 Willing to learn and try new things
 Willing to receive feedback and offer feedback
 Ability to meet deadlines
 Desire to improve event and take it to the next level
This is your chance to take on an excellent and comprehensive volunteer role in event
organizing! UC Idol committee members have found their positions challenging and
rewarding. They are able to develop a wide array of skills in a single involvement.
UC Idol is an annual singing event where six student contestants are given the opportunity to
showcase their singing talents in front of a live voting audience, professor judges and members
of the community. The show also includes various special performances including dance, music,
and other unique acts. The event is open to all members of the student body, university staff,
as well as the general public. All proceeds will be donated to the Canadian Cancer Society.
Ambassadors play a KEY role in the organization and management of the event. You may wish
to play a Generalist Ambassador Role, gaining experience in a vast variety of eventorganizational tasks, or perhaps tackle a particular stream of “Admin”, “Recruitment”, “Tech”,
or “Publicity” through the Ambassador Specialist Role.
Description: The UC Idol Ambassador participates in the event organizational process through
involvement in various streams: Admin, Recruitment, Tech, and Publicity. Training and ongoing
support will be provided. UC Idol organization is an excellent platform to develop skills in
multiple areas. The UC Idol team is motivated to continually learn from one another, and we
encourage you to teach us something too!
Description: The Admin Stream of the UC Idol Organizing Committee is responsible for meeting
minutes, creating the contestant application/waiver form, signing contestants up for auditions,
booking rooms, creating event tickets, creating the event program, establishing UC Idol guest
parking, managing the voting system, and preparing the show's script. The Admin Stream also
maintains communication with contestants. Finally, the Admin Stream organizes Day-Of-Event
Description: The Recruitment Stream of the UC Idol Organizing Committee is responsible for
the recruitment of the host, professor judges, special performers, and sponsors. This stream
asks potential sponsors for funding, food, and prizes, as well as organizes the Pre-Show
Reception. Finally, the recruitment stream is responsible for managing the Free Lucky Draw and
the Toonie Charity Raffle systems and deciding on prize packages.
Description: The Tech Stream is responsible for the creation and maintenance of the UC Idol
website, the production of videos and Powerpoints, the preparation of the tech script, and the
equipment booking for the event. Also, the Tech Stream is responsible for ensuring that
contestants have their audiovisual supplies ready. Finally, the Tech Stream manages volunteers
for the operation of lighting, sound, and special effects used in the show, as well as sets up the
Post-Show Dance Party.
Description: The Publicity Stream of the Organizing Committee is responsible for publicizing
auditions and advertising the UC Idol event itself through various mediums, with a goal to have
excellent UC Idol presence on campus, especially during audition season and ticket sales
season. Radio stations and other media support are also contacted in order to engage the
Calgary community. The Publicity Streams organizes publicity booths during Fall Orientation
Week, Clubs Week, and other UC Idol publicity booths. The Publicity Stream manages social
media accounts including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
Details: We encourage individuals from all backgrounds to join our team!
Roles to choose from: Ambassador (Generalist), Ambassador (Specialist: Admin, Recruitment,
Tech, or Publicity)
Time commitment: Variable (minimum 20 hours)
Please answer all of the following four questions:
Question 1: Motivation
What motivates you to be involved in the organization of UC Idol? Please rank by numbering
the following reasons from most important to least important, or put N/A beside a factor that is
not a significant motivating factor.
 Meeting new people
 Leadership development
 Professional, graduate school, and/or job applications
 Having fun / getting involved
 Acquiring new skills (i.e. a new skill for some may be filming/editing movies)
 Enhancing attained skills (i.e. improving written communication skills)
 Helping to raise community spirit
 Helping to raise money for charity
Question 2: Email communication
Because UC Idol involves the cooperation of multiple individuals assisting with various streams
(i.e. admin, recruitment, tech publicity), we have found the use of Google Documents and email
communication to be the most efficient way of communication and delivering status updates.
With years of UC Idol organizational experience, we have noticed that scheduling large team
meetings are extremely difficult. Therefore, email communication meets our goal of efficiency.
Are you comfortable with large amounts of email and responding to emails efficiently?
Question 3: Leadership Reflection
Have you attended UC Idol in the past? Please outline what you have learned from your
previous experience and your goals for the next UC Idol event. If you have not been part of UC
Idol previously, please outline what you have learned from another leadership experience and
your goals for UC Idol.
Question 4: Uniqueness
What makes you stand out for this role? What is something that you would like to share with us
that is unique about you?
Please complete all of the following three items:
ONE - Please fill out your information below:
Phone Number:
Program of Study:
Current Year of Study:
UC Idol Ambassador Position Applying For (Generalist, Specialist):
TWO – Please submit to ucalgaryidol@gmail.com your current CV/resume, along with this
* Members of the UC Idol Organizing committee will also show that they are efficient at
responding to emails and meeting deadlines. They should be able to work well in a team,
contribute to meetings, participate, and have fun with the work involved. Once on the committee,
a meeting and training will be provided, as well as continued support along the organizational
journey from other committee members.*
Please submit your completed application and CV/resume to ucalgaryidol@gmail.com.