Study Guide for Ch. 1: Matter and Change Read p. 10-15

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Study Guide for Ch. 1: Matter and Change
Read p. 10-15
Objective 2: Describe what makes up matter and explain how matter can be
identified and categorized by its properties and changes.
a. Name and describe 2 requirements for matter.
b. Compare and contrast atom, element, and compound. Give 1 example of
c. What is a characteristic property and how is it used?
d. Explain the difference between extensive and intensive properties. Give 2
examples of each.
e. Compare and contrast physical and chemical properties. Give 1 example
of each.
f. Describe chemical and physical changes. Give 1 example of each.
g. What is a change of state?
h. Compare and contrast solid, liquid, and gas in terms of their particles
Name the process of transfer between each of the following states of
(1) solid liquid
(2) liquid  gas
(3) gas  liquid
(4) liquid  solid
Define reactant and product. Which side of the arrow does each go on?
k. Can reactions change the amount of matter present? Explain.
Is energy transfer involved in every physical and chemical change?
m. Explain the difference between exothermic and endothermic? How can
you tell which you have by just touching the container the reaction is
occurring in?
n. T/F: Energy can be created or destroyed in special situations. Explain