Report to Community Committee Thursday 27 May, 2010

Report to Community Committee
Thursday 27 May, 2010
Criteria for Devolved Budget Sub Grant Funding
& Commissioning
Rabbi Simon Grant, Chair, Devolved Budget Sub-Group
At its meeting in January, Committee asked the Devolved Budget Sub-Group
(DBSG) to consider criteria for funding to community organisations in the East
Salford Neighbourhood. Although the grant process had worked effectively over the
years it was felt that a list of criteria, supplied to groups to consider before making
an application, would be helpful.
DBSG meet on Monday, 24 May, 2010 and consider a wide range of potential
criteria drawn up from the experiences of members of the Group and information
from those DBSGs, in other neighbourhoods, that have criteria. We also considered
the idea of using the Devolved Budget to commission pieces of work.
Our application form already has a number of requirements that applicants must
satisfy. Applicants must give or answer the following:
Full details about the officers of the organisation.
If applying for more than £500, a copy of the current constitution of the group
including a clause setting out what happens if the organisation is dissolved.
Details and statement of the organisation's bank account.
Does the organisation have 3rd party insurance?
If providing activities for young people are volunteers checked with the
Criminal records Bureau?
A brief description of what the group/organisation does.
A description of the purpose for which the funding is required and how the
community will benefit (how does it support the Community Action Plan?)
Detailed estimates of the costs of the proposed activity.
The name of the main contact within organisation who will be responsible for
managing the project for which funding is being requested.
On completion of the project, the organisation is required to submit accounts or
evidence of expenditure.
Recommended New Criteria
The DBSG recognises that the criteria on which applications are judged should be
straightforward enough to allow as many groups to receive funding each year.
However, following discussion based on the experiences of the past years, we are
recommending a small number of new criteria that we expect will guide groups
when they are considering making an application.
Repeat applications for funding – Each year, we receive applications from the
same group asking for funding to support their running costs. DBSG feels that
every support should be given to help each group become self sustaining and not
reliant on funding form the Community Committee. We propose that the amount of
funding should taper down each year. Groups will be encouraged to take up the
help offered by the Neighbourhood Management Team to seek alternative funding.
Groups that apply for the first time may be granted funding up to 100% in the
first year, 80% in the second year and 60% in the third year.
Groups already being funded, may receive up to 100% this year and 80% in
the following year.
No group that has finished its funding stream can apply again for at least two
Paying staffing costs and volunteer expenses – Many applications have
requests for staffing costs. DBSB appreciates that some activities need
professional support but wants groups to provide more details about the
qualifications of that professional support and the costs associated with it.
It is recognised the part that volunteers play in the work of all organisations. DBSG
wishes to acknowledge this by offering a small allowance for each volunteer that
goes part way to meeting their personal expenses.
DBSG may approve professional staffing costs up to £30 per hour subject to
a group providing proof of the qualifications of the staff being employed.
DBSG may approve up to £5 per event, up to an annual total of £50 towards
the expenses of a group’s volunteers.
Applications for services for individuals – Applications are received from
organisations that wish provide individual client/patient services.
Recommended – Individual client/patient services are not funded.
Groups contributing to their own expenses – Some applications are received
where Community Committee is asked to fund all expenses. DBSG feels that
through its own efforts, groups should be making some contribution towards costs.
Recommended – No application will be considered where an organisation is
not making some contribution towards the costs
Hospitality for events – Applications for events may have costs in for hospitality
(food and drink). DBSG feels that a contribution should be made, where
appropriate, but does not wish to meet food costs.
Recommended – Funding may be approved for beverages, tea, coffee and
soft drinks, not fizzy drinks.
Not for profit organisations – DBSG wishes to fund only ‘not for profit
organisations’. This should be stated clearly in the organisation’s constitution along
with a clause setting what happens if the organisation is dissolved.
Recommended – Community Committee will only fund ‘not for profit
Canvassing of DBSG members – DBSG members may be actively canvassed
about an application prior to a meeting. Members request the right to highlight the
extent of that canvassing or intimidating behaviour and DBSG reject an application
if that canvassing or intimidation is considered excessive.
Recommended – DBSG can reject an application where it considers there has
been excessive canvassing or intimadation of a Group member.
DBSG is in favour of commissioning pieces of work that support the work set out in
the Community Action Plan. A further report will be brought the next meeting.
Grant application decisions made a Community Committee
DBSG asks that where Community Committee wishes to question/challenge one of
its recommendations, it refers it back to DBSG for further consideration rather make
a decision on the night. DBSG considers each application in great detail and would
like the opportunity to have time to consider Community Committee’s concern(s)