Purpose of the Meeting Third round of NRG meeting (NRG-III) 7Up4 Project

Purpose of the Meeting
Third round of NRG meeting
7Up4 Project
CUTS International
Background of 7Up4 project
 CUTS implementing project since mid2008
 Research-based advocacy project
involving multiple stakeholders, on
competition reforms
 Analysing impediments to competition
reforms for economic development and
consumer welfare
 Sensitisation and advocacy, for broadbase support for national competition
Progress thus far
 Research (policy analysis, stakeholder’
perception and sectoral assessment, etc.)
undertaken and being documented in CRR
 Key national stakeholders on competition
policy and law identified, and capacity
Project Outputs
 Research report on state of competition
issues done
 Interest generated on competition policy
and law issues
 Catalogue of stakeholders with keen
aptitude on competition issues (NRG)
 Civil society’s role as an actor in the
competition reforms process enhanced
 Platform/process for domestic
competition reforms initiated through NRG
 Competition authorities’ understanding on
competition enforcement improved
Issues for the Future
Partners to provide update about ‘advocacy
roadmaps’ developed/discussed during the
partners review meetings
 Extracting specific ‘advocacy messages’
and/or ‘advocacy actions’
 Recommendations to strengthen the
competition regime (legislation, institution,
 Explore possibilities for continued
discussions on domestic competition
reforms (future of NRG-process and
 How to relay the project findings to a wide
group of people?
Concluding remarks
 Familiarisation with project outputs
(research findings, NRG, interest on
competition issues…)?
 Select the useful project outputs
 Discuss how to utilise these project outputs?
 What outcomes can be anticipated from
using these selected project outputs?
Thank You!