Microsoft Office 2000 Summary

Microsoft Office 2000 Summary
There are lots of reasons why students should use the parts of Microsoft Office
2000. Power Point helps make presentations look good if you have to show them to your
class. They are helpful when you have to get information across to a large group of
people. Word is nice to use when writing papers for classes you want to do well in. It has
many tips and shortcuts that make paper writing fast. Another good part of Office 2000
is Excel, which is a program for making spreadsheets. It is easy to work if you want to
take data and make a table or chart. Access is good for making databases. You can take
a lot of stuff and make it into a really nice database for class. One last part of Office
2000 is FrontPage. FrontPage helps you make web pages for the Internet. You will look
really smart if you create a quality document using these things in Office 2000.