Coordinator III, Special Programs Purpose

Coordinator III, Special Programs
To provide professional knowledge, administrative, and managerial skills in the
planning and coordination of all phases and activities of special programs.
Responsible for designing, supervising, implementing, and administering special
Essential Functions
Function 1:
Monitor, manage and coordinate the following training and licensure: 1. Asbestos
refresher training for 5 UTA employees 2. License renewals for asbestos staff UTA
program 3. Schedule annual medical physicals for asbestos staff
10 % Time
Function 2:
1) perform annual asbestos perdiodic survelliance inspections; 2) perform asbestos
inspections on newly purchased facilities; 3)maintain and update current asbestos
survey reports and Autocad drawings; 4) Respond to inquiries from shops,
departments and contractors.
20 % Time
Function 3:
1. Initiate work order request for daily campus needs 2. Complete monthly reports
of Operation and Maintenance projects; 3.Maintain a supply of materials and tools
for Operation and Maintenance program; 4. Manage asbestos staff timesheets on
Timepro system.
40 % Time
Function 4:
1) File 10 day abatement notifications; 2) complete project specification information
for renovation projects; 3)order and maintain waste disposal services; 4) process
payments for materials, waste disposal and filing fees.
25 % Time
Function 5:
Schedule and provide annual asbestos awareness training for campus community
and outside contractors
5 % Time
Marginal/Incidental Functions
Marginal/Incidental Functions:
Other functions as assigned.
Required Qualifications:
Master's degree in related discipline. Three years of related experience. Five years in
a related environment with at least one year in a supervisory capacity. Applicants
must include in their online resume the following information: 1) Employment
history: name of company, period employed (from month/year to month/year), job
title, summary of job duties and 2) Education: college or college degree, list school
name, degree type, major, graduated or not, and hours completed if not graduated.
Preferred Qualifications:
[None Provided]