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Emotion Mangagement Small group

Dear Parent/Guardian,
I am writing this letter to let you know that I am offering a small group focusing on Emotion
Management. Your child’s teacher has referred your child to this group as he/she believes that your child
may benefit from participating in this group.
This group is designed to give a few students some directed instruction about managing strong
feelings through the use of calming-down steps, positive self-talk and communicating assertively. In these
lessons, I work with three to eight children once a week for about 30 minutes, depending on the grade
level. The group lasts 8 weeks and will occur during the school day.
Introduction to Emotion Management
Managing Strong Feelings
Calming Down Anger
Managing Anxiety
Managing Frustration
Resisting Revenge
Handling Put-Downs
Avoiding Assumptions
Please note that these lessons are for educational purposes only. So your child may learn better
skills to navigate and solve problems. These lessons are not therapy. Keeping the confidentiality of other
group members is also a prerequisite of group participation. While I cannot guarantee that group
members will keep each other’s confidences, I will speak with the children about not sharing any personal
information that may arise during group with anyone else.
In order for your child to participate, I need your written permission. Please review the form
below, indicate if you would like your child to participate and then sign and date the permission form.
Whatever your choice, I need you to return the form showing that your child has been given the
opportunity to participate.
I urge you to return this form immediately in order to guarantee that your child will be able to
take advantage of this group. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me at the school
(720-248-4242 ext. 2112) or send an e-mail (srothberg@gvaschools.org). Due by Monday, Oct 22nd.
Sarah Rothberg, M.S.
School Counselor, Aurora-West
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Emotion Management Group Permission Form
**You will receive email confirmation once the permission slip has been received by the school counselor**
Child’s Name: ______________________________Teacher/Grade: ________________________________
 Yes, my child may participate in an Emotion Management Small Group from (10/22-12/17)
__________________________________ _________________________
Parent Name (please print)