Cooper Conservatory

Cooper Conservatory
EAST Project Group Members:
Krystle Foster
Paula Miller
Rebecca Cooke
Project objective
•Design outdoor class room for Cooper
Elementary with a hydro wheel.
Team project discussion
•Our project will meet the need of the public by providing
students with a new outdoor classroom to afford them a
more hands-on learning experience.
•We will learn the technology behind using the
architectural design programs available to us.
•Our projects objective is to use a hydro wheel to
conserve ENERGY; which is the one thing that
everything begins and ends with.
•A Koi pond.
•Hydro wheel powering two small lights.
•Rock garden with Arkansas native stone.
•Display tank for turtles, and/or lizards.
•A weather station.
•Animal feeders for birds and squirrels.
•An observation area with binoculars.
Continued Features
•A teachers station with a demonstration
table and locking cabinets.
•Benches for the students.
•Landscaped with Butterfly Bushes and
Projected Budget