Flavoring the animal’s water

Flavoring the animal’s water
Filling/pumping animal with
five gallons of flavored
Holding a steer off water for
two days to make weight
Tranquilizing your calf due
to its temperament.
Giving your steer steroids to
improve its muscling.
Clipping your steer or heifer
for the show.
Trimming your calf’s
Registering a calf born
December 28th as January
1st for show
Painting black hooves black.
Painting white legs black.
Dying the calf’s hair with
hair dye
Using a painkiller in order to
help your animal walk
better for the show
Using a painkiller at home
in order to help your animal
walk better
Using fake hair when fitting
your animal
Using an antibiotic two days
before the fair to help your
sheep get over a runny
Using an antibiotic/needle
to induce swelling to make
the animal thicker
Injecting air or other
substance under the skin to
produce a thicker animal
Feeding nutrient
supplements in your feed
Having a professional fit
your steer for you
Paying someone else to
care and feed your animal
Having your dad help you
fit your steer
Dehorning and castrating
Inserting genes and growth