Ch. 19 Study Guide

Ch. 19 Study Guide
1. What’s the most basic purpose for having laws?__________________________
2. What do laws such as copyrights, trademarks, & patents do?_________________________
3. What’s one was way the Constitution protects the rights of
4. Why do most Americans obey the law?_________________________
5. Why are people who take part in civil disobedience often punished?_______________________
6. Laws set standards for what?______________________
7. Laws hold parents responsible for what?___________________________
8. Why do different states and communities have different laws?___________________________
9. Why is it important to have legal codes?______________________________
10. Why are constitutions considered collections of laws?___________________________
11. Why might a law change over time?______________________________
12. What’s an example of a law or moral code that hasn’t changed over time?__________________
13. Why was the Justinian Code important?______________________
14. Civil laws are laws that do what?______________________
15. So that punishment can be considered for each case, criminal law allows for
16. Criminal laws are laws that do what?_________________________
17. Give an example of a behavior that may not be illegal everywhere?_____________________
18. What’s the main question asked in a civil case?______________________________
19. What are laws?____________________
20. What are written laws made by legislatures known as?___________________________
21. How can citizens add, change, or remove the laws in our country?______________________
22. What might happen if the government didn’t punish those who committed
23. What’s the main question that must be answered in criminal law?_________________________
24. What’s the purpose of laws?_________________________
25. What has influenced American law?_____________________________