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Exam Criminal Justice 101

Semester Exam Study Guide
List the three levels of law enforcement.
2 State
3. Federal
Match the two common models of criminal justice to the
1.Conflict ModelConflict Model is when, two states of mind collaborate to make a
huge impact on each side of the constitution, in order to take down
in very huge impact on the models that we see here in the U.S; as
in today we have noticed a great impact on different recources
and levels of economy.
2.Consensus ModelConsensus Model is when, three or more states of mind come
closer and see these new changes we can say that as if now
people had made a change to their lives and different models of
greatness; The law states that we come upon different numbers of
Mala Prohibita 1st degree felony
Mala In Se 2nd degree felony
The State of BELONGING was the first to establish a sta
te police in the U.S.
The LEGACY model of criminal justice system values that asserts
or states that law
Enforcement is relied upon to control crime (Example: “Assembly
The ANARCHY model of criminal justice sy
stem values that states, “It is better for
nine guilty people to go free, than for one innocent person to be
convicted.” (Example: “Obstacle Course”).
The MONARCHY model of criminal justice system v
alues has four levels: 1.Misdemeanors
Serious” Felonies 3.Serious or “High
Profile” Felonies 4.Celebrity Cases.
The first school for formalized police training of pol
ice officers was established in
Berkley, C
A and was organized by:
A calling requiring specialized knowledge, and often long and
intensive academic preparación.
A principal calling, vocation, or employment is:
Sir Robert Peel submitted the Metropolitan Police Act,
he is considered the Father of the constitution . of modern law
Which of the following is
a level of the Tennessee Court System?
Which is to not fear and defend different levels of monarchies.
a level of the Federal Court System?
Which is to not contain the levels of anarchy in the US
a State or Local Criminal Court?
Writ of Certiorari
Dual Court System
Concurrent Jurisdiction