War’s End and Lasting Effects

War’s End and Lasting Effects
Four Main Factors Contribute to Patriots Win
1. British underestimated Patriots
2. British misunderstood political nature of
3. Patriots were highly motivated
4. Patriots were assisted by France
Yorktown, Virginia (1781)
- plan to trap Cornwallis’s army
- need the help of French fleet to block the mouth
of the Chesapeake Bay (trapping the British navy)
- Trapped by both land and sea- Cornwallis
surrenders his army on October 19, 1781.
Treaty of Paris (1783)
- recognized American independence and granted
boundaries to the United States.
British Abandon Their Allies
- most loyalists were prevented from returning
home after the war
-Native Americans were abandoned
Impacts on Women
- inspired women to seek a larger voice in
public affairs
Changes for African Americans
- Revolution inspired many slaves to demand