Review for Test 2 (Ch 5-8)

Review for Test 2 (Ch 5-8)
Format: 27 multiple choice (2.5 pts each)
5 diagram/fill in the blank (22pts total)
1 essay from choice of 2 (10.5 pts)
Chapter 5
A. Hypotonic, isotonic , hypertonic solutions be able to identify, and tell what a cell will do
if placed in each
B. What happens to phosphate groups in conversion of ATP to ADP
C. Know Osmosis/diffusion/concentration gradient/passive and active transport
What direction will water flow in osmosis, higher or lower concentration
Two forms of passive transport discussed in class are . . .
D. Fluid mosaic model
E. Selectively permeable
F. Make up of cell membrane, what performs the functions of a cell membrane
G. Signal transduction
H. Enzymes – the main purpose of an enzyme is to _____ a reaction
Chapter 6
A. ATP synthase how does it work? What passes trough it, what does it produce?
B. Different muscle fibers and the types of energy production they use
C. Overall purpose of cellular respiration
D. Fermentation two major characteristics make it different from cellular respiration
E. Will a yeast use fermentation or respiration in the presence of oxygen?
F. What are the products of fermentation
G. What goes into and out of respiration as a whole, and each stage: glycolysis,
citric acid cycle, and oxidative phosphorylation
(know reactants and products #’s of molecules aren’t important)
Chapter 7
A. Best color of light for photosynthesis
B. What goes into and out of photosynthesis as a whole, and each stage: light
reactions, Kreb cycle
(know reactants and products #’s of molecules aren’t important)
C. Redox reactions involve what subatomic particle
D. Antioxidants
Chapter 8
A. Nondisjunction results in  and happens in which stage of meiosis
B. Know all different phases of cell cycle, what happens in each
a. G, S, M, interphase
C. Know different phases of mitosis and meiosis, what happens in each, be able to identify
in pictures
a. Know handouts we did in class
D. Cancer cells and density dependent inhibition
E. Down syndrome and age of mother