I can understand that it is quite

I can understand that it is quite[may seem quite] absurd to have our top
engineers and managers play with children’s toy on company time, however, it
indeed effects our company
unify deeply. [can have a deep and positive affect on our company] Since there are
some preceded examples making[precedents of this technique having been used]
successfully in other
companies, such as Nokia, Orange, why not we go through with an[stay open minded
and ]open-minded
view to give it a try? Further speaking, with Lego-playing there are some advantage
within company and individual.
[has advantages both for individuals and for the company]
To accomplish a piece of work of[using] Lego blocks, there are two critical
dimensions[which ] have to be observed: process and outcome.
First, communication [this is fragment]. It must be a team work to complete this
job when
someone offers new ideas,[This is a job that can only be accomplished through
teamwork]makes a plan or set a blue-print. By doing this, there are
no more boundary[ies] between departments from different places. The whole team
as a
new[becomes a new group which must ]group communicate, negotiate and
cooperate with each other. According [to] our
company’s inner research, Itis common that the two persons [for two people] who
come from
different departments never have [to never have had] a chance to talk to for more
than a year.
Second, sufficiency.[frag] Through this competition, our employees will be stimulated
to be a multi-tasker[ ing unit, able]to deal with any case under a limited time. Thirdly,
bounding. As you can see, to put something into practice need [requires] every single
effort which stand as the same position. Performing the final masterpiece is the core
thinking when the morale of a team has been raising unconscious.[?]
Moreover, there is another form of Lego game – each one do[es] it with their
own ideas to consist of any shape he or she likes. Since alego system is established
by piles of colorful plastic bricks which can be designed different molds with creation
and imagination. It is very likely to unearth neglected talent from your employees,
like many famous artists, representing through their work instead. On the other side,
you may regard it as a process of pressure releasing or game therapy. It is probably
difficult to tell someone his or her stress, but at this moment, the manager could ask
the meaning of the work by understanding them more.
From these advices above, you may take it into consideration, thank you.
Sunny, pretty good explanation and argument, but grammar is a bit rough in
places and sometimes your meaning isn’t that clear to me.