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Lego Beowulf Assignment

LEGO Movie. LEGO Batman. LEGO Ninjago. LEGO Jurassic World. There’s a LEGO movie for
everything, except… LEGO Beowulf. You’re going to make it.
For your final Beowulf project, you will work in groups and be assigned a section of the epic poem. It
will be up to your group to determine what dialogue and events in your section are integral to the plot
of the epic. You will build a set for your section and use a stop motion app like Mega Construx on a
tablet or Stop Motion Studio on Android to bring your group’s assigned section to life. You will be
given time to work on this in class; however, extra time needed to finish will need to be scheduled
before school or during lunch. When all groups have created their films, we will watch them together
as a class.
This is a composition grade; compositions make up 20% of your overall grade. You are composing a
piece of media which should exemplify your understanding of the setting, characters, and plot of the
story as well as the society and historical period in which the story is set. This project has the
potential to hurt you or help you; it’s up to you.
Be creative and have fun, but remember to remain true to the epic. ALSO: know that no matter what
you do, it will be better than the CGI film 😝
Your grade will be based on:
Set – did you build a set which matches your assigned section? (25 points)
Characters – do you include all main characters from your assigned section? (25 points)
Dialogue – Is your chosen dialogue meaningful to the plot? (25 points)
Significant Plot Events – Have you included important events from your section? (50 points)
Overall film composition / sound effects – Is it cohesive and well-planned? (25 points)
150 total points
A 135 - 150
B 120 – 134
C 105 - 119
D 90 - 104
F 0 – 89
IMPORTANT: Someone responsible and trustworthy in your group needs to SAVE THIS PACKET.
This packet contains your rubric and project information and will need to be turned in when your final
project is completed and submitted. DO NOT LOSE THIS!
Assigned Section / Lines: __________________________________________________________
Each person should have at least one job or task in addition to helping overall. Possible jobs: project
manager, set and prop builder, dialogue writer, script writer (decides what parts from assigned section
are to be included), speaker / character voice actor, director (films and edits using stop motion app),
etc. As many or as few people can work on each task as necessary, and additional tasks may be added
or each person may be responsible for multiple tasks. A crucial aspect to going off into the real world
involves working with others. Even though you will probably not be creating LEGO films in your
future endeavors, you will undoubtedly work closely with others with whom you may or may not
always agree in order to accomplish common goals. Break up the tasks, delegate, and make it happen.
Group Member
Job(s) / Task(s)
Begin writing your script and/or a plan of action. Begin testing apps to find one that works for you. It
doesn’t matter which app you use; you just need to be able to share your finished product with me via
email, text, Bluetooth, etc. I will inform you of the due date soon.
Final Project Due: ____________________
A FINAL NOTE: I received the supplies for this project via a proposal that I wrote on
DonorsChoose.org over the summer. Strangers contributed funds so that I could make this project a
reality. Please respect our supplies and help me to keep them in great condition.
LEGO Beowulf Planning Sheet
Assigned Section / Lines: ___________________________________________________________________
Setting: __________________________________________________________________________________
Character(s): ______________________________________________________________________________
Key Events: _______________________________________________________________________________
Additional Props to be Built: ________________________________________________________________
Important Quotes: _________________________________________________________________________
Additional Details / Planning: