That is Love

That is Love
I remember a memory that impresses me very much. When I was in elementary
school, I participated in a team of in-line skating. I was so excited to join the team. I
even buy a complete of equipment in order to enter that team. I practice hard every
time because I have never doing this before. I try my best to practice it and prepare for
the final presentation. The final presentation is a big show; we need to show what we
learn. A week before the final presentation, a terrible thing happened. As usual, we
practice at the background. My coach proposed that we can have an interesting race. I
was competing with my coach’s child. I was the winner at first but I was too fast to
control my skating. So, I fell down and my right arm was out of joint. I cried
immediately because it was so hurt. My mother took me to hospital right away. It was
painful very much. The doctor asks me to steady my arm at least three weeks. What a
terrible it is! Since the day, my mother got up early and took me to school. She
prepared me a breakfast every morning. She also helps me to change my clothing. I
am so appreciated to my mother. I think that is love.