Unit 7 I’d love that job. A:

Unit 7 I’d love that job.
A:Hey we are going to graduate from school soon.
A:What do you want to do after graduation?
B:That’s a good question.
A:I want to be a police officer.
B:I think I’d like that work, too.
A:But we need to pass many tests before we get into a police school.
B:Oh I don’t want to take tests any more. Actually I want to be a chef.
A:Really? That’s a good job, too. Let’s try hard to reach our target.
B: OK!
Unit 8 What’s Playing
A:Hey Mike let’s do something tonight.
A:It’s a perfect day to go out.
B:Yes it is.
A:Want to go to a concert?
B: Okay why not?
A:Ok. I’ll pick you up at 8.
B:Thanks! See you.
句子開頭要大寫 句尾要標句點 粗製濫造 = =