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I had a really great time this semester especially in this course. At the start, I was very scared
because I always thought very less of my writing skills. Your constant feedback has made
me confident enough that I don’t feel the same way when taking up a difficult writing task.
I learned a lot this past semester even though I could not do a lot of the readings but I intend
to go through all (and the upcoming PAMSA ones) this summer. I really hope that you
decide to teach PAMSA this fall because I would love to have as much fun learning PAMSA
as I did this semester.
Abdul Muezz Ejaz
I really hope I didn’t get the spelling wrong. If I did, I am sorry and I (<= moiz, muiz,
mueez, mouiez) can understand the pain. You are a very approachable person and thank you
for always being there. I love talking to you and I hope we have class together this fall.
Have a great summer.
Hey Ayesha,
I love hanging out with you. You are a great person to talk to and, even though I am such a
boring guy, you put up with me for so long. Thanks for that. ❤
Hey Markhan,
Thanks for keeping up with my stupid “Oh I have so many assignments” rants. I love talking
to you and I love your smile. Keep smiling…makes my boring day better. 💖
Abdul Muezz
Hey Yousaf,
You are the mostest sweetest person I have ever met and you make my worst days better. I
love hanging out with you and I hope we have more courses together next fall. Keep being
this generous and delightful person that you are. ❤
Abdul Muezz
Hey Warisha,
All the stupid jokes (tabletennis, etc) aside you are a great friend. All the times that you
helped me with DSA…..eternally grateful. Miss Senator, I am predicting right now….You
are gonna be in the student gov within the next three years. Dw, I’ll be here waiting for my
treat and the line, “I told you so.”
Abdul Muezz
Hey Imara,
You have such a refreshing and radiant personality. Love hanging out with you. You’ve been
very helpful to me in so many ways. I probably can never thank you enough for that.
Hope you have fun and a great summer.💕