This is a surprising thing. 這是一個令人吃驚的事情

This is a surprising thing. 這是一個令人吃驚的事情
We have to recycle every day, but I do not know how those junk processing.
Some of the items can be recycled and the manufacture of new products, but
other items where.有些物品能回收,且製造新的產品,但是其他物品在哪
A lot of garbage, that is estimated that there are millions of tons of drifting in
the Pacific.有很多垃圾在太平洋上漂流,估計有數百萬噸
I feel terrible. 讓我覺得很恐怖
Most garbage has been broken down into tiny fragments, including plastic.
And the plastic is an integral part of life, such as clothes, toys.
Some recyclers is not recycled but thrown into the sea.
Cause the marine ecosystem damages.造成海洋生態傷害
In the documentary, I saw a sad thing. 在紀錄片中我看到令人悲傷的事情
I did not expect to see these plastic in the body of those albatross in the distant
island. 我沒想到會在那些信天翁的體內看見這些塑膠在遙遠的海島
Killing those seabirds.造成那些海鳥死亡
Many fledgling not grow up. 許多雛鳥還未長大
I have a lot of feeling after watching the film. 我很多感觸在看完影片後
Perhaps there are more animals are victims all over the world now
However, we can not live without plastic in life.
This is a dilemma thing. 這是一件兩難的事情
No one can not use these products. 沒有人可以不去使用這些產品