 Milk Cartons and Drink Boxes

Milk Cartons and Drink Boxes
Paper milk, juice, and soup cartons are among the more unique types of
bottles. Even though these have layer of paper inside, they are beverage
containers and are recycled commingled with other bottles & cans. Paper
products that are made for human hygiene or contact with food (paper plates,
cups, and tissues) are NOT recyclable.
Cartons are multi-material items, made of layers of plastic, aluminum, and high
quality paper. They are recycled at a special mill. The containers are broken
open to expose the paper, which is then placed inside a water tank that
separates it from the plastic. The paper is pulped and recycled into various
products and the plastic is usually burned for fuel.
Generally speaking, recycled paper is used to make products such as masking
tape, hospital gowns, coffee filters, and car insulation.
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