Pandemic! Will History Repeat Itself?

Pandemic! Will History Repeat Itself?
(Influenza Pandemic of 1918-1919 and the possibility of an Avian Flu Pandemic)
Content: In 1918-1919, the Influenza Pandemic killed
more people than who died in WWI. Recently, the world
has turned its attention to the Avian Flu, which is carried
by birds and other animals. This disorder has
sickened/killed many in Asia, Africa, and Europe. There is
growing concern that the virus will mutate and be passed
from person-to-person and to other countries.
Product: History students will analyze historic
pandemics and societal effects. Science students will
analyze human anatomy, trace disease transmission, and
the body’s corresponding response to infection.
Geography students will map the spread of the disease.
Math students will calculate the rate of contraction of
the disease and its predicted rate of infection.
Business/Drama students will chart the effect on public
businesses and mass transit. Broadcasting students will
research how this media can increase awareness and fear
over possible outbreaks. English students study any
literature written during a time when disease was
prevalent or a novel where illness is part of the plot.