Title : Albert’s Alphabet Author : Leslie Tryon

Title : Albert’s Alphabet
Author : Leslie Tryon
This is a book which is suitable to 5~10 years
old to read.
Author use a story to introduce 26 alphabets
so that kids have much more fun to learn and
they can more easier to understand what are
The content of the book:
A leading role of the story is a duck Albert, he
is a carpenter in school.
One day, he received a letter from the principal.
The principal order him to build a “ ABC
playground “ before 3pm. Smart Albert really
did it . He build a funny and fantastic “ ABC
playground ” by so many woods and his
I think the book is very suitable to children.
Because it introduce 26 alphabets by a funny
and interesting story. And it’s illustrations are
bigger than words, it can make children put
much more attraction on English learning.