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Useful phrases for developing a discussion

Useful phrases for developing the conversation
Giving the word to someone
What do you think, … (name)?
Would you like to start, … (name)?
Asking for more information
What do you mean? Could you please explain more? Could you give an example please? So,
you´re saying that….? I’m sorry, I didn´t hear you. What did you say?
Agreeing / showing interest
Totally. I know what you mean. It happens to me too. I have experienced the same thing.
Oh wow, really! That’s a great idea. That’s a good point.
That’s interesting, I have never heard that before.
Disagreeing politely
I see what you mean, but I think…
I don´t see it this way because…
Well actually, I think that…
Developing ideas further
Speaking of…. (staying up too late/not being able to sleep/anything at all)
Your example reminds me of…
I can relate to that because…
Another problem/example/possible cause is…
I would like to add that…
Changing the topic / ending the conversation
Ok, are we done with this question? Does anyone have anything to add? Should we move on?
Let´s continue with question 3.
Allright, this has been a great discussion!
I think time is up / We are running out of time / Ok, let´s end the discussion here.