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Starting a Conversation

Starting a Conversation
1. Breathe and relax
It’s normal to feel anxious before talking to someone, especially if they’re unfamiliar.
Remember to take a deep breathe which can help to slow down the nervous system, allowing
you to relax. Take some time to think positively and prepare mentally – perhaps reminding
yourself of what you would like to say or what you could ask.
2. Open non-verbal communication
How we sit or stand and the facial expressions we use will contribute to how we are perceived.
When starting conversation, it’s important to look approachable. We discussed:
- Making eye contact
- Turning your body towards the person you’re talking to and standing or sitting up straight
- Avoiding closed body language like crossing your arms
- Remembering to smile
3. Great the person
This could simply mean smiling or you could say ‘hi’.
Think of a way of starting conversation
This will depend on the context, what you hope to achieve from interacting and how well you
know the person you’re about to talk to.
Give someone a
Comment on
around you
Ask for an
Comment on
the weather
yourself: This is
usually done in
a more formal
Ways to start a
Ask a question relevant to
the situation e.g. how long
have you been coming
Offer assistance
Ask for something
Ask a question using WORM
Ask someone how they are
Mention a mutual