Class:_________________ Number:_________________ Name: ____________________

Class:_________________ Number:_________________
Name: ____________________
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A. Yes, I must study harder.
B. It’s true. I hardly study.
C. Thanks for your compliment.
D. No, I don’t speak it frequently.
) A. I am going to get a job and settle down.
B. I promise I will be more careful in the future.
C. I have a comfortable lifestyle and nice family.
D. I want to go to a live concert this weekend.
A. They’re excited.
B. They’re excitable.
C. They’re exciting.
D. They’re excitement.
) A. It’s hot in here.
B. Do you mind if I smoke?
C. Thank you, I will then.
D. Oh, I’ll put it out then.
) A. I don’t feel anything either.
B. Maybe you should take a rest.
C. You will do well if you try.
D. Where did it happen?
) A. I knew I could do it.
B. I always drive slowly around here.
C. I will slow down then.
D. I will have it fixed.
) A. Try not to forget its meaning.
B. You can’t remember what she said.
C. It is too simple to remember.
D. Look it up in the dictionary.
) A. No, I can’t.
B. No, she doesn’t.
C. No, we don’t.
D. No, I didn’t.
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) A. Winter.
B. Autumn.
C. Summer.
D. Spring.
) A. I think it’s delicious.
B. Serve them with French fries.
C. Medium rare, please.
D. I would like beef.
) A. I will hang it up to dry.
B. I will put it away in the drawer.
C. I will throw it out now.
D. I will take it down then.
) A. You can rest over there.
B. They are old-fashioned.
C. Down the hall on the right.
) A. I think I am really tired.
B. I must have insomnia.
C. I won’t sleep as late tomorrow.
) A. Sure, I’d love to draw you.
B. But I don’t know how to paint.
C. Where should I take it to?
D. No problem. Stand over there.
) A. I’ve been living here for nine years.
B. I am used to living in Tainan.
C. I will live here for a long time.
D. I was living here prior to Tainan.