Name: Abby, ... No. : 498C0057, 498C0108 Conversation:

Name: Abby,
No. : 498C0057, 498C0108
A: Hi. Can you help me? I’m here for a week and I need some ideas for things to do.
G: What do you want to see in Hong Kong?
A: Mm… I want to go shopping first.
G: That’s nice! There are lots of street markets where you can get anything you want!
A: Sounds good! What else is there to do?
G: Well, maybe you will like the Disneyland! It’s a funny and interesting place.
A: I think I’m not interested in that… Where is the best place to eat seafood?
G: I recommend you “The Floating Restaurants.” You can eat fresh seafood and watch
views of the bay.
A: OK. What can I do at night?
G: There are many clubs, concerts, plays… you may love them.
A: That sounds exciting! Thank you very much!
G: You’re welcome. Hope you have a nice week.