Unit 5 Recording Script

Unit 5
Unit 5 À\®È¤@¥Ò ²Ä17²Õ §d¦t­Û ÃQ¦³Ày.mp3
A: Excuse me, I think I am lost. Could you tell me how to get to the park ?
B: Do you mean the park across from the hospital ?
A: Yes, exactly.
B: It isn’t too far. Go straight on the main street for two blocks and you’ll see the park
on your right side.
A: OK~ I got it.
B: Any question else?
A: Oh, yes. How can I go to the library?
B: It’s very close. Go straight on the main street, and turn left on the first avenue ,
then turn right on the davis street, then you’ll see the library on your right side.
A: Thanks for your help. I have to go now or I’ll be late for the date.
B: Your welcome, have a nice day.