行流一甲 4A3D0065 吳貞諦 4A3D0102 李宜儒
A:Can you do me a favor now?
B:Of course what?
A:Can you help me take the book to Jason?
B:Who is he? Tell me what he looks like.
A:He wear glasses and his hair is short
B:Um… tell me about Jason’s body type.
A:OK. He is tall and thin.
B:I got it. I’ll find him and take the book to him.
A:Thanks for your help.
B:You’re_welcome. Bye~
A:Hey. Do you like your college life?
B:Um… It’s so so. And there is a little problem.
A:It’s so so. Why?
B:I always wake up at 7:00 every day.
A:Me too. It’s no big deal.
B:But…I should clean the school every morning.
A:Oh~that’s too bad.
B:But enough about me. How are you these days?
A:Let’s see. I often hang out with my friends. I have fun every day.
B:How wonderful!!!
Unit 4
A:Hello!Welcome to my room.
B:This room is very clean.
A:Thanks.Look at that. It’s my bookcase.
B:There are so many books.
A:Yeah. Those are my favorite.
B:What a cute “Hello Kitty”!
A:Oh~that’s my birthday gift from my friend.
B:Your friend is so sweet.
A:Yap! Let’s go to eat something.
B:Ok.Let’s go.
Unit 5
A:Excuse me. Is there a hospital near here?
B:Yes go straight down this street.
A:Main street?
B:Yes and it is across from the Park. You can see that on the right.
A:Thank you. I got it…….
B:What’s wrong with you?
A:Um…I’m having a stomachache.
B:Do you need help?
A:That’s ok.I can get there by myself, thanks.
B:Take care!