1. A:Good morning,Miss.What can I do for you?

A:Good morning,Miss.What can I do for you?
B:Oh,yes.I am a tour guide and I want to know when and where the breakfast
buffet will be served?
A:Oh,it’s from 6am to 11am,across from the front desk,it’s on your right side.
B:I see.And where are the hot springs?I heard they are very popular in the
A:Yes,our hot springs are very natural and old,many guests said they love
them.It is open between 5am and 11am,and from 6pm to 12pm,it’s on the sixth
B:Wow,it’s sounds awesome.I’m looking forward to enjoying them.By the way,I
need a wake-up call at 6:30am.
A:Ok,no problem.
B:Thank you.Oh,please upgrade a room for Jeremy Lin.He and his wife are on
their honeymoon.
A:Sure,here are 6 room keys,please take care of them and enjoy your trip.
B:Thank you so much.
A:Here is front desk,I am Joy.May I help you?
B:I need room service right now.
A:Sure,what do you want?
B:I’d like a gourmet food whatever it is,please send to Room 111 ASAP.
A:No problem,your meal will be delverd in 5 minutes.
B:Thank you.I wonder if the breakfast os complimentary or not.
A:Yes,it’s for free.
B:Great!Thank you.
A:Goom morning ,sir.MayI help you?
B:I want to check in.
A:Sure,could you give me your name,piease?
B:Charlie Smith
A:Thank you Mr. smith. Ah,I’m sorry sir,the room isn’t ready yet.
Please have a seat and wait a minute.We will handle It immediately.
(5 minutes later)
A:Mr. smith.Here it your room key,303,and we prepare some tasty food and
red wine for apologiye, please enjoy it and have a nice day,thank you.
A:Goom morning ,sir.MayI help you?
B:I am a tour leader ,I’d like to have an early check in.
A:Oh,I am sorry I can’t do it.
B:But we are here now. We can’t do anything but just stay here?
A:I do understand,sir. But it is company rule.I can’t break the rule. You can put
down the luggage,we will take careof your luggage.
Please look around ,and enjoy thefacilities of the hotel and come back to the
labby at 4am .
B:Well ok.