A: Hello, Sir. May I help you?

A: Hello, Sir. May I help you?
B: I’d like to know what time the restaurant opens and where it is.
A: The restaurant opens at 6:30 a.m. in the ABC Restaurant.
B: I want to take hot springs. Where can I find them.
A: Sorry sir. We don’t have hot springs, but you can enjoy spa.
B: Alright.
A: And do you need a wake-up call?
B: No, thanks.
B: I want to engaged with my girlfriend. So I want to upgrade our room.
A: Ok, no problem. Anything else I can do for you?
B: No. thank you.
A: Here are your keys.
A: Hello. I have a reservation for room 303. My name is Luca Chun.
B: Yes, we have you down for two nights. But sorry we are not ready yet.
A: Oh, never mind. We cam wait in the lobby.
B: Thank you, sir. We’ll give you a coupon for your dinner.