KIDDER FUNDS Request for Funding


Request for Funding

for Students, Staff, Faculty and Groups


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Please answer the following in a short paragraph(s):

A] Describe briefly the event, project or program being planned.

B] The purpose of this fund is to further educational efforts that will enhance understanding and tolerance of those whose sexual orientation or gender identity differs from the majority in our culture and to demonstrate the constructive contributions this important segment of our society is making. In what way(s) will your event/program/project advance the goals of this fund?

C] Provide an itemized copy of your budget/cost breakdown and alternative funding (sources and contributions), and include how you will use Kidder Funds.

Expected participants may include:

Faculty _____ Staff _____ Students _____ Community members ______

Date Funding Required: Amount Requested:

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Funds to be transferred to UNH Account Number: _____________________

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Please return form to [email protected]

, or Thompson Hall, Rm G14, Questions: TEL # 862-1058

Amount Approved______________________________ Account Information: __________________________