Social Interaction Name: __________________________

Social Interaction
Name: __________________________
Read the “Controversy and Debate” box in your text regarding women’s abortion experiences.
1. Discuss how framing, reframing, and the definition of the situation can be used to change a person’s
perception of what is happening.
2. Give an example of how you could use this in your own life.
Read the original work entitled, “The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life”.
3. What is the main message of this writing?
4. How you use impression management in different situations (e.g. on a date, with parents, spouse, or
on the job).
5. Is the impression you create in various situations different from the real you, or does the real you
change depending on the situation?
Look at the box, “Seeing Sociology in Everyday Life” with examples of Facebook pages.
6. How are these two people trying to present themselves?
7. Would they want their boss or potential employer reading these pages?
8. Would it give a potential employer more insight into their true personality, or their ability to be a
good employee?